Why I stand with NATO, Biden, and the Western leadership by not directly intervening in the Ukraine war

The heartbreaking scenes on the news are cause for anger and the longing for justice for the Ukrainian people.

However, the criticisms I have seen in the past few days against the West and its leadership are, at a minimum, hypocritical.

When we say “no more war” and yet we pressure our governments to “do something” (meaning, boots-on-the-ground) we are advocating for another Iraq, another Afghanistan. With potentially more implications.

Russia is a vast territory and, although most of the population lives near the borders with the rest of Europe, they have the advantage of bouncing back in whatever military operation that could hit them.

Not to mention their military arsenal and personnel are way more advanced than, say, the Taliban. Russia has calculated this attack for years and I am sure they have thought through the consequences, including the NATO interference.

And that’s where Vladimir Putin might have miscalculated his strategy.

By going to Kyiv and other northern cities that border Poland and other NATO members, he might have thought the West would have been shucked to the point of overruling their policies and intervening on a conflict that, technically, they had nothing to do with.

But they didn’t. And now Russia’s atrocities are exposed without what Putin might have anticipated as material for his propaganda. He wants the US and the European countries to get involved. He wants NATO to go around its own statute to prove his point, that NATO is an imperialistic defense unit.

But while we shockingly watch a country getting devastated by an unjustified war, bringing more death would not be the solution for this conflict.

I have watched recently many of my friends either making fun of the West’s response or just simply claiming “we need to do something”. And yes, we need to, just not what people want.

By maintaining a non-involvement policy and suffocating the Kremlin with sanctions after sanctions, the West is trying to avoid what could escalate to a nuclear war at the very worst point of it, or at least we would be sparing some of our military’s lives.

I applaud the guts of the Western leadership to make this very unpopular move to stay on guard, keep our troops safe, make the economic sacrifices while thinking in the long run, on how to end this aggression and prevent any further, or even a decades-long war, as we’ve seen in the middle east.

We can’t simply add more war to end the war. We need to stick together and stop financing war criminals. In this sense, I believe this strategy will work, for the sake of the beautiful country of Ukraine and its lovely and fierce population, which will come out of it stronger than ever.



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Thiago Motta França

Thiago Motta França

Human Behavior Critic, User Experience Designer